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Who Needs Complexity When There’s Work to Be Done?

Many contractors and subcontractors have found the software solutions available online today are far more complex than what is actually needed to get things done. Pi Software solves this problem by providing a much more streamlined approach to project management. From the way we handle tasks and subtasks more flexibly than anywhere else, to the speed of managing change orders, and the ability to complete more projects faster and with higher profits, Pi Software supports the way you actually work. Try it and see how easy your life can be when you have the right tools for the job.

Manage Projects, Customers, Vendors, and Finances - All In One Place

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  • Work Orders WO Screen
  • Customer Portal Portal Screen
  • Construction Finance Finance Screen

Quickly Outline Projects

Create and organize your projects faster than ever with our intuitive layered task/subtask system.

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Rapid Change Orders

Create change orders within minutes online, and send them to your customers for electronic signature.
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Easy Scheduling of Tasks and Vendors

Use the online calendar to view task and vendor schedules all in one place from any device.  Notify vendors automatically whenever schedule changes occur.
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